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Join our Gayifiers - Gay Travel Forum today to discover the newest cruising spots, connect with the local guys, and meet fellow gay travelers. Buddy up, make new friends and explore exciting hookup opportunities. Gain insider tips from the locals and recommendations on the best destinations, accommodations, events, and more. Don't miss out - be a part of Gayifiers!

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Sadao Hasegawa

In Gay Art, a vibrant painting features a man wearing traditional indigenous headgear against a dynamic backdrop. This captivating artwork adorns the cover of Sadao Hasegawa's art collection.

The renowned Japanese gay artist, Sadao Hasegawa, passed away in Bangkok in 1999. An exhibition of his works will be held at the Tokyo Gallery Naruyama from Thursday, February 22, 2024, to Saturday, May 18, 2024.

At the Gay Art exhibition, a compelling artwork by Sadao Hasegawa, a gay artist, is showcased, carrying powerful religious undertones.
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