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The Hidden Hot Guys: A Guide To Finding Fun In Bangkok Gay Sauna. (Krubb Sauna)(Chakran Sauna)

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

The Hidden Hot Guys Of Bangkok: A Guide To Finding Fun In The Land Of Playful. Review of Krubb Sauna.

I'm intimately familiar with the Krubb Sauna and its licentious offerings. A renowned gay sauna near me in Sukhumvit-Phrakanong. the week, it mightn't be bustling, but Saturday night is a whole different story - I know this firsthand as I live nearby in Phra Khanong. Tempted by reports of misdeeds, I couldn't resist a visit to investigate for myself. Happily, my curiosity was rewarded: I now frequent the establishment, eagerly awaiting each salacious experience.

It was packed on Saturday evening when I visited since they hosted an event that day. Ryo Kanzaki & Chinkou both Japanese porn stars, were invited. I have a little bit of regret not having brought the special ticket to meet with them privately. Perhaps you will want to take some pictures with them or even have some sushi on their body if you do not mind paying more. However, The thing I wanted to do was find my hottest and most good-looking guy instead of a porn star in the beginning.

Wading through the throng of Thai people aged between twenty and thirty, I observed that my physique was probably the most attractive in sight. My promenade halted as I noticed a good-looking Japanese man gazing at me with fascination - or maybe something else? As a fascinated visitor, I searched the premises: weight-lifting apparatus on the second floor, dimly lit rooms on the third, gay pornography on the fourth story, and finally, an open-air bar and hot tub Meandering through these areas cautiously yet boldly, I sought for the most handsome male without being too obvious.

Salacious Experience In The Locked Dark Room

Another action event took place on the darkroom floor around 8:00 PM, in which a full house was packed with people and I had a high degree of curiosity to squeeze inside. Several groups in the crowd were taking part in the naughtiest. However, it is difficult to see their faces very clearly in the room because it is too dark, so I am not particularly interested in this topic. Fortunately, I was intrigued again by the Japanese man, and we had a wonderful evening together at the end.

Indeed, Krubb Sauna isn't exactly a tourist hotspot, but some of the locals are extremely attractive and there is usually a surprise lurking around there. Although I've visited multiple times, it's almost like playing a game of luck - you never know what (or who!) you might stumble across if you keep your eyes peeled! If you're ever in town, take my advice - take a chance and be prepared to be wowed.

My Experience Of The Krubb Sauna 4.5 / 5 Rating

Environment 4.5/5

Clean 5/5

Crowded 4.5/5

Price 4/5

Quality Of Visitors 4.8/5

Address: 112 112 Sukhumvit Plus 2 Alley, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Opening Hour: 14:00- 00:00

Tel: +66065 416 3538

The Wildest and Exciting Gay Sauna In Bangkok (Chakran Sauna Review)

A Veteran Visitor's Exploration of Bangkok's Notorious Chakran Sauna: Anticipation and Unexpected Surprises Awaiting!

Chakran Sauna is one hot destination you won't want to miss! I'm itching to relive the racy vibes of Bangkok's infamous Chakran Sauna! After the pandemic restrictions lift and tourists return, I can't wait to unearth its tantalizing secrets! As a seasoned explorer of this beguiling metropolis, my wanderings will be drenched with an electrifying zing of anticipation. Who knows what delicious surprises await me? All I know is that Chakran Sauna promises a scintillating journey into the sauna culture. So follow Uncle Tullio and get ready for a steaming-hot adventure you won't want to miss!

Thai Gay Sauna: Travelling with a Veteran's Guide to the Best Times to Visit

If you are looking to experience the notorious Chakran Sauna, it is also good to visit during off-peak hours. Arriving before 6:00 PM will ensure a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, ideal for taking advantage of all the sauna has to offer. However, if you are seeking an energetic nightlife vibe, make sure to arrive after 6:00 PM when the crowds begin to swell. Plan your trip for the ultimate experience around weekends as these are the liveliest times. With this in mind, veteran travelers can prepare themselves for an invigorating exploration that promises to uncover some truly enigmatic surprises!

A Fulfilling Exploration: Uncover the Mystique of Bangkok's Chakran Sauna!

Thais are known for their playful and open-minded mind shenanigans and their sauna Chakran embodies all of that. On Sunday at 4 PM, I paid 390. baht for an experience like none other - tranquil, yet filled with opportunities for saucy flirtations. A gym was up on the second floor, while dark rooms abounded on the third floor. The best part was the hot tub on the roof, where you could mingle with mischievous strangers and enjoy the spirited feel of the room while relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Truly, it's worth checking out if you're looking to add some titillating fun to your Thai adventure!

The Wildest Gay Sauna In Bangkok

Let the fun begin! As the sun slowly disappeared behind the horizon, a vibrant atmosphere descended upon the area. Particularly a handsome Israeli couple with well-built figures, carrying huge tools, quickly became the center of attention. Clearly, they had no qualms in expressing their confidence and wildness as they walked around, charming those around them. Thankfully, I was enjoying my naughty time with them for a while in the sauna room lol.

Thailand's energy levels reached their peak by 7 p.m.; Several Thais participated in a group activity on the rooftop open area. It was truly inspiring for everyone. Although not every individual there enticed me personally, I still relished the youthful exuberance emanating from the crowd. Without question, I plan to return soon!

Krubb: A Crowded, Localized Experience; Mania: Popular Among Foreigners; Chakran: Outdoor Fun Awaits.

The three Bangkok Gay Saunas – Krubb, Mania, and Chakran – provide a unique experience for those looking to explore the diverse city's gay culture. Each of these saunas has its unique style, with Krubb offering a locally crowded experience and Mania having more foreigners to visit. Lastly, you will find their outdoor group activities at Chakran. Don't care which sauna you choose, you will explore more interesting of your gay living.

Have you visited out of them? What was your experience like? We’d love to hear your thoughts about this naughty city! Thanks for reading and we hope you’ve found our article on the top popular gay saunas in Bangkok helpful - happy exploring!

My Experience Of The Chakran Sauna 4.5 / 5 Rating

Environment 5/5

Clean 5/5

Crowded 4/5

Price 3.5/5

Quality Of Visitors 4/5

Address: 32 Chakran Building, Soi Ari 4 Soi Paholyothin 7 Phayathai Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400 Opening Hour: Monday to Thursday 15:00-00:00, Friday to Sunday 14:00-00:00

Tel: +6602 279 1359

Written by Marco Tullio


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