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Top 13 Hottest Male Contestants of "Physical 100"Someone You May Have Missed On The Show

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

The Korean live-action competitive variety show "Physical 100" is launched on Netflix. The highlight of the show is the "Live-action Squid Game". 100 strong men and women are invited to perform 5 challenges, and the brave man who successfully defeats the opponent and breaks through to the end will be able to take away 300 million won prize money. Among the 100 contestants, there are gold medalists, including former Korean judo player Choo Sung-hoon, who later turned into a fighter, and Yun Sung-Bin

, who won gold in the 2018 Winter Olympics ice sled event, as well as special forces members, firefighters, macho farmers, fitness coaches, etc., the contestants lined up, with fit bodies and full of muscle.

The following is an inventory of 13 popular male players, hurry up and catch up together!

Physical 100

Cha Hyun Seung 車炫承 IG account

"Chocolate Oppa" in the first season of "Single's Inferno" is him. In addition to being a model, he is also the queen dancer of singer Sunmi.

Kang Chun Il 姜千日 IG account

Kang Chun Il participated in "Pink Lie" (Korean: 핑크라이, English: Pink Lie), and performed under the pseudonym "Jiang Sun" in the show. He is a Pilates instructor by profession and is also a macho SHOW for female audiences. The group's name is WildWild Dancers.

Agent H IG account

Agent H has a background in the Navy Special Forces. He has a strong physique, a manly appearance, and quick speed. He can be regarded as an ACE-level player.

Kim Hyun Jin 金景鎮 IG account

The famous "Macho Farmer", since he is crowned as a macho, must have a muscular figure, but he lost to "Chocolate Oppa" in the first round, and said goodbye to 300 million early.

Seokhwan Yun 尹錫煥 IG account

A former national team swimmer, has retired. After changing his career as a coach, he still pays great attention to maintaining an inverted triangle figure. With his unique single eyelids, he has successfully captured the hearts of the audience. He also loves boxing in private and often shows off his muscles generously on social networks.

Yun Sung-Bin 尹誠彬 IG account

Yun Sung-Bin is an Olympic ice sled athlete and won the gold medal in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. He usually loves fitness, and has developed strong biceps and triceps, as well as abs. His monster-like figure made him the focus of the show, and many contestants even said that if they confronted him, they would definitely lose. In reality, he actually has a tender side, uploading intimate photos with his pet dog from time to time. A strong man plus a pet is definitely a must-win program for fans.

Kim Ye-hyun 金藝賢 IG account

Kim Ye-hyun, who used to be a fencing player, with his looks and figure, really hits the girl's heart directly! ! Now he is a model and fitness trainer, will he use his fencing skills on the battlefield?

Kim Ji Wook 金智旭 IG account

As a Diving Athlete, can kim ji wook's professional skills make him stand out in this fierce competition?

Ma Sun Ho 馬善浩 IG account

Ma Sun Ho is a bodybuilder. His IG is more like a happy father's daily routine of raising babies. He occasionally interspersed with things about him competing in bodybuilding competitions. He accidentally took a very warm route~ I specially chose a picture of him with a very powerful angle Taking photos, the handsome figure directly shot into the hearts of fans

Choo Sung-hoon (Yoshihiro Akiyama) 秋成勳 IG account

Choo Sung Hoon is a South Korean mixed martial artist based in Osaka, Japan. He was born on July 29, 1975, in Japan, where he is known by the names Yoshihiro Akiyama, Fukama and Sexyama. He is a fourth-generation Japanese of Korean descent. Choo Sung Hoon is a third-degree black belt in Judo and a black belt in Gaidojutsu and has won the gold medal for South Korea at the 2001 Asian Judo Championships and for Japan at the 2002 Asian Games. He also is the 2006 K-1 HERO’s Light Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament champion. Choo Sung Hoon opened a gym in Tokyo called the Akiyama Dojo, which teaches both judo and MMA, in 2009. Also that year, he married famous Japanese fashion model Shiho Yano, and they have one daughter, Sa Rang. Both father and daughter have starred in the popular Korean reality show “The Return of Superman” since 2013.

Austin Kang 姜珉柱 IG account

Austin Kang was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is currently working as a chef and model, operating a restaurant in Seoul.

郭明植 곽명식 IG account

He is a mixed fitness player and the Korean champion in 2020. His chest muscles, abdominal muscles and thigh muscles are all super strong. He was selected as the captain to lead everyone in the second round. His qualifications and ability cannot be underestimated!

Son He Chan 孫熙瓚 IG account

The athlete named Son He Chan is a traditional Korean wrestler with a lightweight (under 80kg) "Taebaek" level. With a strong body and super good looks, he even accepted an exclusive interview with Vogue last year. In the photo, he was topless, showing attractive chest muscles and 8-pack abs. The perfect body proportions are unforgettable at first glance, and he became Hot topics on the internet. Some people even said that he is somewhat similar to the Korean actor Jung Hae-in, with both figure, appearance and professionalism. No wonder he will become the most discussed sports star in South Korea

After discussing Korea’s latest, and most competitive variety show Physical 100, and its integral “Live-action Squid Game,” it is safe to say this show is packed with excitement for all viewers. Among the 100 contestants are long-time champions, special forces members, firefighters, and farmers. We have discussed a list of 13 popular male players who you should watch out for on the next episode of Physical 100. This reality show series brings a new meaning to the concept of competition, taking it to the ultimate level in an innovative way that audiences everywhere can appreciate. Time will tell who will come out as the victorious contestant and take home 300 million won prize money and bragging rights to boot! For more enthralling stories like these make sure to follow us on our blog.

Written by Marco Tullio


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