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Decoding Japanese Gay Slang: Tips for Hooking Up with Locals

Updated: Apr 18

I understand that many readers may have visited Japan before and experienced difficulties due to language barriers. Even I, as a writer, have faced rejection or encountered challenges in the gay saunas, booking massage services, or using dating apps due to the inability to communicate before I learned some commonly used Japanese gay slang Learning these terms made my subsequent visits more convenient and at least reduced some excuses for rejection (haha). In this blog article, we will decode some commonly used Japanese gay slang to help you communicate more easily and smoothly during your time in Japan.

The Common Japanese Gay Slang In Dating Apps

Many English-speaking foreigners using gay dating apps in Japan have found that Japanese people tend to avoid interacting with them. As a result, many foreigners include "EN/JP" in their profiles to indicate that they are bilingual. If you want to increase your chances of getting a response, it's best to switch to using Japanese greetings such as "こんにちは" (Konnichiwa) instead of "Hi" when initiating contact. To help you navigate the Japanese LGBT dating scene, here are some commonly used Japanese gay slang that you may encounter on these apps.

  • Looking for → 〜を探している

  • Fun → 楽しい

  • Only fun → 楽しいことだけ

  • NPNR 写真がなければ返信しません

  • NFNC → 顔写真がなければ返信しません

  • Friends → 友達

  • Benefits → 利益

  • Picture 写真

  • Anything なんでも募集

  • Host 場所あり

  • Good Looking イケメン

  • Manly 男らしい人

  • Only into → XX専

  • Handsome and cute かっこかわいい

Two shirtless men engaged in conversation while seated on a couch.

Japanese Gay Slang Essential for In-Depth Communication with Locals

Apart from dating apps, when exploring certain Japanese gay saunas, some locals may reject you because you speak English. Therefore, I recommend that you learn the pronunciation of essential Japanese gay slang on Google beforehand, so that you can engage in necessary basic conversations and reduce the chances of being rejected right away. "タチ" (tachi) means "Top", representing the active or dominant role. "ネコ" (Neko) means "Bottom" representing the passive or submissive role. "リバ" (riba) means "versatile" and comes from the word "reversible" and refers to individuals who can switch between these two roles, meaning they are versatile. This is important to note when booking massages online. In addition to these terms, you may also come across symbols on some gay massage websites, such as "凸" (deko, convex shape), "凹" (Boko, concave shape), and "回" (kai, indicating occurrence or rotation). These symbols represent top, bottom, and versatile, respectively, and are often used interchangeably with the aforementioned terms. Here are some deeper Japanese gay slang and some that are important to understand when booking gay massages.

  • Top タチ (tachi)

  • Bottom ネコ (Neko)

  • Versatile リバ (riba)

  • Vers バリリバ (Baririba)

  • Vers Top タチ寄りリバ (Tachi-yori riba)

  • Gay → ゲイ (Gei)

  • Bisexual→ バイセクシャル

  • Straight → ストレート

  • Anal → アナルセックス (Anarusekkusu)

  • light fun → バニラ (Banira)

  • 18cm → P18

  • Hung cock→ デカマラ→ 巨根 (Dekamara)

  • Male to Male → 売り専

  • Safe → セーフ (Sēfu)

  • Deep Throat → イラマチオ (Iramachio)

  • Bareback→ トコロテン (Tokoroten)

Finally, I would like to wish you all a pleasant journey, and I hope the above article can help make it easier for you to book massages or connect with locals. Additionally, I kindly request you to subscribe to our news updates so that you don't miss out on any important information.

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