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Exploring 6 Gay Onsens in Bangkok: Where To Find The Hottest Guys

Updated: Jun 11

The gay industry in Thailand has always been diverse. In recent years, a wave of Japanese-style gay onsen has emerged in Bangkok. Over the course of just two years, several different types of gay onsen have opened, most of which feature hot tubs, cold plunge pools, saunas, and steam rooms. Some even have restaurants, private rooms, and luxury beds, catering to travelers who want to stay overnight.

This article will introduce these various gay onsen, providing information on their target clientele and popularity, to help readers choose the one that best suits their preferences.

Maxwell Onsen

The entrance to the gay onsen Maxwell Onsen in Bangkok has a signage next to it that says "Maxwell Onsen and Spa".

Maxwell Onsen, located in Silom, is a newly opened gay onsen in Bangkok. As it is a brand new establishment, the facilities and decor are all fresh and the overall environment is very clean and well-maintained. Its prime location in the heart of Silom's gay district makes it easily accessible, which has quickly drawn in a good number of local residents and tourists, resulting in high popularity.

The clientele at Maxwell Onsen tends to skew towards younger local Thais, though the proportion of muscular, well-built men is not particularly high.

The entrance fee is 580 THB, slightly higher than other bathhouses, but it includes a meal that can be picked up at the 2nd floor restaurant. The 2nd floor also has a salt room and meditation room, though these areas are not heavily utilized. The 3rd floor is designed as an open massage area.

The main activity happens in the hot spring area, which has two hot tubs, one cold pool, a sauna, and a steam room. The steam room sees the most active interactions among patrons. However, the hot spring area itself is not overly spacious.

As a newly opened establishment that does not explicitly market itself as a gay onsen, Maxwell Onsen has seen some accidental straight male visitors as well. This may be why the overall vibe is not as openly sexual, with most activities concentrated in the steam room. During my visit, I was ultimately able to connect with an attractive, fit local man in the steam room.

Environment Index: ****

Popularity Index: *****

Customer Quality Index: ****

Action Index: ****

  • Entry Fee: THB 580 includes a meal

  • Transportation: Approximately 10-minute walk from Chong Nonsi BTS station

  • Address: 173/3-5 Surawong Rd, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

  • Operating Hours: Monday - Friday: 2 PM - 12AMSaturday - Sunday: 12 PM - 12 AM

  • Phone: +66 81 051 8000

  • Website:

Kino Sento Phahon Yothin 24

The Japanese-style tatami room at the Kino Sento Phahon Yothin branch, a gay onsen in Bangkok.

Kino Sento currently has two branches in Bangkok, with their newest location being the 6-story gay onsen on Phahon Yothin 24. While the fitness center on floors 3-4 is off-limits to onsen patrons, the Kino Sento Phahon Yothin 24 branch still boasts a very spacious facility.

In addition to the ground floor hot spring area and 2nd floor changing rooms, the 5th floor features a lounge area with sofas and beds, as well as traditional Japanese-style tatami private rooms. The 6th floor has even more private spaces, including mattress-equipped rooms for overnight stays.

During the weekday afternoon visit, the facility saw a moderate traffic of around 10-20 people, mostly local Thai men in their 30s and 40s. Their activities were mostly confined to the hot spring area, with relatively limited social interaction - likely due to the time of day. The writer imagines the atmosphere would be quite different in the evenings.

On this particular visit, the writer did manage to connect with a local Thai man of around 180cm in height, who while not classically handsome, had an impressively endowed physique. Their encounter took place in one of the 5th floor's private tatami rooms.

Environment Index: ****

Popularity Index: ****

Customer Quality Index: ***

Action Index: ***

  • Admission fee: THB 450

  • Transportation: Located about 1 minute walk from Phahonyothin 24 BTS station

  • Address: Phahonyothin Rd, Chatuchak, Khet Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

  • Operating hours: 12PM - 9AM daily

  • Phone: +66 83 001 5618

  • Website:

Kino Sento Ekkamai

The rooftop at the Kino Sento Ekkamai branch, which has a comfortable outdoor space with small trees and benches, providing a serene and relaxing environment.

The Kino Sento Ekkamai branch is their older, more established location. The facilities there are relatively smaller and more dated compared to the Phahon Yothin 24 branch, with a slightly more limited hot spring area. However, the overall environment is still quite nice.

The amenities are similar, with private rooms and loft-style beds for overnight guests. Additionally, the Ekkamai branch features a Japanese-style private rooftop area with chaises and mattresses for relaxation and recreation. There is also a designated smoking lounge.

I visited on a weekend afternoon around 4 pm when the facility only had around 5-6 patrons - a very sparse crowd. The numbers didn't start picking up until after 6 pm when there were around 10 or more guests. Despite the low traffic, I was able to identify at least 3 men of their preference - two fit, young handsome locals, and one tall, stubbly man with a rugged, almost wolf-like Japanese look.

The clientele was entirely local Thai, with an exceptionally high proportion of attractive men. The writer first connected with the stubbly, handsome man in the shower area, and later engaged with one of the fit young men in the steam room. However, the ample lighting in the steam room prevented them from getting too intimate.

I left around 7:30pm, by which time the numbers had still not increased significantly. This was likely due to the Ekkamai branch's less convenient location, further away from the BTS station.

Environment Index: ****

People Popularity Index: ***

Customer Quality Index: *****

Action Index: ****

  • Admission fee: THB 450

  • Transportation: Approximately 23 minute walk from Ekkamai BTS station

  • Address: 322 8-10 Ekkamai Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

  • Operating hours: 12PM - 9AM daily

  • Phone: +66 2 334 0942

  • Website:

KaiKan Onsen

The Kaikan Onsen, a gay onsen in Bangkok, offers a grand and luxurious outdoor hot spring pool.

The Kaikan Onsen, which opened in 2023, is a luxurious Japanese-style gay onsen catering exclusively to men. It is located in Saphan Khwai, an area known for its abundance of gay massage parlors.

The facility has a magnificent Japanese ambiance, featuring hot springs, saunas, steam rooms, a second-floor darkroom, and a third-floor activity area. The environment and amenities are of the highest caliber, offering a truly luxurious and comfortable experience.

However, as the onsen has been open for less than two years and is situated in a relatively remote location, the foot traffic has only been average so far. The clientele is primarily comprised of experienced, regular patrons.

The management team is encouraged to ramp up their promotional efforts going forward. With its exceptional Japanese-inspired design and top-notch facilities, Kaikan Onsen undoubtedly has the potential to become a premier gay onsen destination in Bangkok.

Environment Index: *****

Popularity Index: ***

Customer Quality Index: ***

Action Index: ***

  • Admission fee: THB 450

  • Operating hours: 3 pm - 8 am

  • Location: Near Sapan Kwai BTS station, Big C (Sapan Kwai), ChatuchakAddress: 44/6 Soi Inthamara 1, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

  • Phone: +66 2 013 5665

  • Website:

Zen Onsen

The entrance to Zen Onsen, a gay onsen in Bangkok, features wooden walls and illuminated signage.

The Zen Onsen has been in operation for two to three years, and in recent years has undergone a transformation to cater to the gay market, which has breathed new life into the business. It has engaged in extensive promotional and marketing efforts, resulting in relatively high popularity.

The onsen sees a steady flow of visitors on both weekdays and weekends. The peak hours are typically after 6:30 PM in the evenings, with the highest traffic around 10 PM. The clientele is primarily younger, with the majority under the age of 40.

The visitors tend to congregate mainly in the steam rooms, while the use of the darkroom area is not as high. The number of patrons seeking more intimate experiences is not particularly large.

Overall, the Zen Onsen has managed to revive its fortunes by repositioning itself within the growing gay market, supported by a robust marketing strategy that has helped attract a younger, more active customer base. However, the facility may need to further explore ways to cater to those seeking more private or discreet experiences within the bathhouse.

Environment Index: ****

Popularity Index: ****

Customer Quality Index: ****

Action Index: ****

  • Admission fee: THB 450

  • Operating hours: 4 pm - 1 am

  • Location: Near BTS Ratchayothin stationAddress: 1470 Aladin Alley, Lat Yao, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

  • Phone: +66 97 042 8893

  • Website:

Rynn Onsen

The reception area at the entrance of Ryuu Onsen, a gay onsen in Bangkok, features a green potted plant.

Since the Rynn Onsen has only been open for just over a week, I have not had the opportunity to visit it yet. I hope that if any of you have the chance to experience the Rynn Onsen, you can leave a comment for me and provide some relevant information about it. Thank you in advance! 🙏

Discovering the Optimal Time to Experience Gay Onsen in Bangkok

While some gay onsen in the area may start operations as early as the afternoon, the visitor numbers are generally not very high during the daytime, regardless of whether it's a weekday or a weekend. The more popular times are usually after 6 PM in the evenings, with the peak hours typically after 9 PM.

With more people present during the later hours, the interactions and activities amongst the guests also tend to increase. So if you're planning to explore the gay onsen in Bangkok, it's best to time your visits during the busier evening hours, when the atmosphere and energy are at their liveliest.

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