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Why Israel Is The Best Gay Travel Destination In June ?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

If you're a gay man looking for an incredible travel destination, look no further than Israel. June entails mild temperatures and over 200,000 hot guys will come to the country – making it the perfect time to explore this unique country. From historical sites to the circuit parties, there's something for everyone in Israel during June. Not only can you bask in its many cultural offerings and beautiful landscape, but also experience its important gay rights movements and meet hot guys across the world.

Tel Aviv Pride Parade
Tel Aviv Pride Parade

The Pride Parade

  • Pride Parade - The annual Pride Parade in Tel Aviv is one of the biggest and most vibrant in the world. The parade typically attracts over 200,000 people, and the entire city transforms into a rainbow-colored celebration. The parade route runs along the beachfront, providing a beautiful backdrop for the festivities. The parade is just one part of the week-long Tel Aviv Pride festival, which includes parties, cultural events, and more.

The Parties

During the pride period, there have a lot of events and parties that you shouldn't miss out

  • Forever Parties - Pride Month celebrates the uniqueness and who could do it better than Forever Tel Aviv? From June 7th to 11th, the city of Tel Aviv will come alive with one-of-a-kind circuit events for everyone to enjoy. Incredible parties at Haoman 17 club combined with an exhilarating main event located at Expo Tel Aviv - be sure not to miss the Pervert Opening Party, We Party, or most importantly the Massive Main party! Liberal Attitudes.

  • Shapagat Street Party 5/6-11/6 - the place to be from June 5th through 10th, when one of the city's most popular LGBTQ hangouts teams up with TLV LGBT Center. Get ready for a fun-filled week and come early if you want to join in on all that it has to offer over pride weekend

  • Waterpark Party - Get ready for the most epic day and night of your life at Forever Tel Aviv's Waterpark Party! On June 8th, thousands will gather in Shefayim Waterpark to enjoy 10 hours of intense beats from international guest DJs as well as a huge stage show followed by an electrifying firework ceremony. Don't miss out on this summer extravaganza - jump into some fun now! Beautiful Landscapes

The Beach

  • Hilton Beach - Israel's unofficial 'gay beach' is the place to be - and it's right off of Independence Park! Set just north of the Hilton Tel Aviv hotel, near an impressive eagle statue atop a majestic cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this spot has become one of Tel Aviv’s most popular cruising destinations.

  • Ga'ash Beach- Take a dip in the pristine Mediterranean waters of Ga'ash beach, located just north of Herzliya! Nestled against nature's raw beauty, this sandy paradise is only 35 minutes away by car and boasts crystal-clear blue waves. With its reputation for being particularly alluring to gay crowds because of the clothing options (though anyone can visit!), it offers sun-seekers everything they need to get their perfect tan on.

The Nightlife

As just said, The place will become 200,000 more gay men to visit. So their nightclub and gay sauna would be particularly crowded, do we even need to say any more?

  • Shpagat is a world-renowned gay bar located in Tel Aviv, renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and vibrant energy. Bursting at the seams with amazing DJs playing hit tunes, you can also enjoy awesome crafted cocktails made by experienced bartenders as you lounge inside on intimate seating spread across multiple levels - creating an amphitheater vibe! Perfect for locals or tourists looking to have some fun. Nahalat Binyamin St 43, Tel Aviv-Yafo

  • D.T.M. is the newest spot to set up shop in Tel Aviv's renowned Florentin neighborhood and it's ready to make its mark! The bar has plenty of inviting, fun space - both inside and outside with a rooftop area - that'll be sure to impress during Pride Week celebrations. Its bartenders are whipping up marvelous drinks like no other while creating an atmosphere that feels just as homey as their mixed libations taste so great. Come on over; Ha-Mekhuga St 10 awaits you for your next night out!

  • Dungeon Club is a unique and must-visit hotspot in the bustling Tel Aviv nightlife scene. This BDSM-theme bar proudly offers an inviting atmosphere to explore kink with its two bars, cages, maze, and play zone. It's not just for gay visitors either - all are welcome! Each party has exciting stage performances paired perfectly with dancefloor fun; making it one of the best club experiences around town. Before you go make sure dress code specifications are fulfilled at HaArba’a St 10 for this unforgettable destination experience worth checking out!

The Gay Sauna

  • Experience one of Israel's most contemporary gay and bisexual saunas in the Middle East! At 400 sq. meters, Tel Aviv Sauna is a modern haven for fun-loving LGBTQ folk looking to relax and socialize. Come join us at this unique hotspot – you won't regret it! 14 Carlebach Street,Tel Aviv-Yafo,47586, Israel

  • Sauna Paradise in Tel Aviv is a place for social relaxation, making friends, and having fun! Come between 17:00 to midnight - or even later as the sauna stays open until 05.00 am –to experience awesome monthly get-togethers with men, and women (gay & bi). Spend your evening relaxing at this cozy paradise that never sleeps! 75 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Saraya-For all the gay men of Israel, Saraya is an incredible destination. Boasting 3 floors in a historic bathhouse setting, it features wet and dry saunas as well as an opulent jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation. A refreshing bar provides drinks to liven up your night while a dance floor with DJ sounds can keep you grooving until morning! Don't forget about exclusive member discounts on entry and at the bar - connect through our app today so that you don’t miss out! 10 Tayelet Mifraz Shlomo Street,Tel Aviv-Yafo,Israël

The Historic Monuments

Jerusalem is a city with a rich history, culture, and religious significance, and has many attractions worth visiting. Here are some of the attractions in Jerusalem:

  • The Old City of Jerusalem: The historical center of Jerusalem, which includes the holy sites of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, such as the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Dome of the Rock.

  • Mount of Olives: Located in the center of Jerusalem, it is an ancient site with attractions such as the Mount of Olives ancient city and the Mount of Olives Tomb.

  • Israel Museum: Located in the center of Jerusalem, it is one of the largest museums in Israel, exhibiting artifacts and artworks from ancient and modern Israel.

  • Jewish Museum of History: Located in the new city of Jerusalem, it showcases important collections of Jewish culture and history, including manuscripts, ancient artifacts, and artworks.

  • HaPa'amon Garden: Located in the center of Jerusalem, it is a beautiful park and playground with many gardens and lakes, and is a popular destination for families and tourists.

  • Jerusalem Markets: Jerusalem has many markets and street food, such as Mahane Yehuda Market and Mahane Yehuda Night Market, where visitors can experience local culture and cuisine.

Gay-Friendly Hotels

When it comes to accommodation in Tel Aviv, several gay-friendly hotels cater specifically to LGBTQ+ travelers. These hotels offer a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, as well as amenities that cater to the needs of gay men.

One popular gay-friendly hotel in Tel Aviv is the Brown TLV Urban Hotel. This hotel is located in the heart of the city and features a chic design. The hotel offers a range of rooms and suites, including some that are specifically designed for gay travelers. The hotel also has a rooftop bar that is a popular spot for the LGBTQ+ community.

Another gay-friendly hotel in Tel Aviv is the Alexander Tel Aviv Hotel. This fantastic boutique hotel is located in a quiet street by the sea, less than a 10-minute walk from Hilton gay beach. The hotel features a rooftop infinity pool with stunning views of the city, as well as a spa and fitness center.

Israel is a great destination for gay men who want to experience a unique Pride celebration and enjoy a liberal and welcoming society. The combination of beautiful landscapes, dynamic cities, and a rich culture makes Israel an unforgettable destination. So why not plan a trip to Israel in June and discover all that this incredible country has to offer?

Written By Marco Tullio


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