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Meet the Hottest Asian Influences of 2023 and Choose Your Perfect Influencer Marketing Match

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Ready to extend your product market to Asia? Let's select the perfect influencer for your next marketing campaign. Look no further than our top picks of the hottest Asian hunks of 2023! This incredible selection shows that there is no shortage of amazing talent and beauty in Asia. With a variety of attractive personalities, diverse backgrounds, and varied interests in this list, you’re sure to find an ideal match for your marketing needs. Dive into each profile and explore why we chose these hunks as some of the best Asian influencers on the market this year – it might just be love at first sight!

Rocky Kwok (郭俊廷)

Rocky Kwok, a 24-year-old Asian street workout coach at Fly Calisthenics Gym from Hong Kong, is becoming one of the hottest Asian influencers around. His small eyes and toned body have gained him international attention as fans compare him to Korean models - plus, he was the 2018 Hong Kong Street Workout Champion! To add to his already impressive list of achievements, he recently began coaching the famous Hong Kong singer Kenny Kwan on a popular YouTube channel. There's no doubt that this "young cute hunk" is going places as his Instagram followers cheer as they watch his star climb ever higher! With such successful accomplishments in such little time, his future as a social media influencer looks as bright as ever.

Taiwanese influencer and physiatrist Yaya has become an online sensation following the release of the photo book Elite Night: Portraits of Yan Characters and Men. This book was photographed by popular top 晏人物 photographer Timothy and featured Yaya in provocative poses taken in office settings, as well as at company toilets, on business trips, and in other locations. Following its first day of release, Elite Night shot up to the top of Taiwan's bookstores as the most sought-after book, leading to Yaya seeing her own Facebook page being taken off the shelves due to it being shared so frequently. Such an event goes to show just how well-received Yaya is as one of Taiwan's leading Asian influencers.

Mr. Ariyatash Tungsanga a.k.a. Dr. Kang, is an amazing selfless doctor from Thailand who has recently used his platform as an influential Instagrammer to help local businesses affected by the global pandemic by offering free advertisement services for food and beverage business owners on his social media story. Not only is he spectacularly kind-hearted, but he also frequently broadcasts his health consciousness as well as active lifestyle habits to his Asian follower base as one of the few openly gay influencers as well as one of the few medical influencers across Asia. Furthermore, as an established influencer in Thailand, he was invited to be interviewed by Singapore's popular Youtube channel "Dear Straight People" about his relationship with his boyfriend as well as appearing in some top Thai media like Sanook or Line Today for conversations about living a healthy lifestyle. His amazing work helping small businesses suffering during covid has bXavierrought attention to his captivating and inspiring influence on social media!

Kantawid Minwong, a personal trainer from Thailand, is capturing the hearts of many as an Asian influencer. Popularly known as “Gun Gun” to his 1.6 million TikTok followers and 246K Instagram followers, Gun Gun not only exercises but also dances with style and grace. His smile has been described as melting hearts, as it is as radiant as he is handsome and cool. With tight muscles and good skin and a pristine white complexion, it's easy to see why Gun Gun has become one of the most popular fitness influencers in the region. Aside from exercise and dancing, he has also become an influencer for hair care and sportswear - it comes as no surprise that he has gathered such a dedicated fanbase who love him for all kinds of reasons!

Singapore influencer, Tyler Lim, is an investment associate at InnoVen Capital Singapore and has 10 years of experience in photoshoots, events, and runways. He has also been awarded the top 6 positions and "Fan Vote Winner" of the 20 contestants at the National pageant "Mister Singapore 2013". Even more impressive, Tyler won the "SunNUS 2014" Pageant and since then he has continued to be sought-after by International brands such as Olay, DBS, and Gatsby, making him one of Singapore's premier Instagram influencers. As an Asian influencer, Tyler continues to demonstrate his positive influence through social media campaigns in Singapore.

Erik Huang is Taiwan's hottest influencer - a hairstylist by day and an Instagram star by night. A former finance worker, his move to the hair industry has been very lucrative, especially with his personal weekend studio specializing in men's cuts. But Erik goes beyond styling; he loves the outdoors, particularly surfing. His love of the sea seemed to awaken his natural talent for water sports and he now loves taking to the waves whenever possible. Erik has made quite a name for himself - featured by Taiwan's popular lifestyle magazine Yiri Living Zine as their cover character plus endorsements from Fendi, Replay, Puma, Skiwear, and even underwear modeling! Erik can do it all - cut your hair, surf the waves and post about it afterward. Taiwan's greatest male influencer is here!

Taiwan influencers have been gaining more traction on the international stage, and Sam Tong is no exception. Starting as a canoe player representing the National Taiwan University of Sports, he won the National Games Silver medal in individual canoe events and team projects, the East Asian Youth Games gold medal and team gold medal, as well as National Secondary School Games Silver Medal. What's more impressive is his amazing fourth place at the Asian Championships U18 competition. Not only is he an exceptional athlete, but he also has photogenic charisma for the camera. Recently, he was even invited by photographer Timothy to take part in a photo shoot that made him an Instagram influencer. His wheaten skin and strong muscles combined with his chocolate abs have made him one of Taiwan's most beloved Asian influencers - full of masculine charm and wildness!

Cheung Pak Hung, Hong Kong's renowned local rope-skipping star, is a prime example of Hong Kong's powerful influencers. His impressive skipping rope skills have earned him many international championships and not just that, but he also dedicates himself to improving Hong Kong's rope-skipping culture as a coach. As the founder of the Hong Kong Institute of Rope Skipping in 2014, he has taken Hong Kong's competitive skipping approach to the next level with his innovative teaching methods. Recently, Hong Kong's famous makeup star Rickykazaf even invited Hung to accept an image transformation on his popular YouTube channel "RickyKAZAF" making Hung stand out as one of Hong Kong's most influential Asian influencers.

Singaporean former national swimmer and model, Nicholas Tan, is a man of many talents. Not only has he represented his country in various sports competitions, such as the Southeast Asian Games and the World Championship, but he also holds several national records in swimming. However, his achievements go beyond the world of sports. In 2014, Tan caught the attention of fashion powerhouse Dolce & Gabbana and began a career in fashion modeling. Since then, he has appeared in several publications, including the likes of Esquire and GQ. But Tan didn't stop there. In April 2021, he took on the role of Chief Financial Officer for a NASDAQ-listed SPAC. Is there anything this man can't do? We're not sure, but we're excited to find out.

Meet Kelvin, a handsome physician at Tian Sheng Chinese Medicine Clinic in Kuala Lumpur. But he's not just any ordinary doctor - he's also an Asian influencer who is making waves in the social media world. With his impressive credentials in medicine and his dashing good looks, Kelvin has gained a large following on Instagram. His influence extends beyond the world of healthcare, as he has also worked with brands like Martell and Celine on various campaigns. Additionally, Kelvin has even tried his hand at modeling for the luxury brand Dunhill. With his dynamic mix of medical expertise, fashion sense, and social media savvy, Kelvin is one to watch in the world of Asian influencers.

In conclusion, the reason why your business should extend to Asia is clear. By introducing and collaborating with Asian influencers, you have an opportunity to tap into the large population of potential customers who can represent your brand’s values and mission effectively. You have a unique chance to spread awareness to people in Asia about your business, building a lasting connection with a global audience. As we have seen in this blog post, taking action now will open up new and exciting markets for your business. There is no better time than now to follow through on those ambitions – so follow this blog post, reach out to influencers, extend your reach across the world, and reap the rewards!

Written By Marco Tullio


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