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Review of Kino Sento Phahon Yothin 24 - The Newest Branch

Updated: Jun 9

Kino Sento is a popular gay onsen in Bangkok, with three branches - Ekkamai, Phahon Yothin 24, and a possibly closed branch at Pam Intra. In this blog post, we will focus on the newest branch, Phahon Yothin 24, providing an in-depth description of the facilities and experiences.

A man sitting in a sauna, enjoying the warmth and relaxation in "Kino Sento" The Gay onsen in Bangkok
Picture From Kino Sento Facebook

Facilities and Layout of Kino Sento Phahon Yothin 24 Branch

The Phahon Yothin 24 branch is a 6-story building that combines onsen and a fitness center. However, the fitness center is separate from the onsen, and Kino Sento customers cannot access the fitness facilities. The branch's amenities are spread across the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th floors, offering various facilities and services. Upon entering the onsen, guests receive a key to store their shoes on the ground floor. The changing area provides lockers, towels, yukata, and other necessities. The onsen area on the 1st floor is the main cruising place for customers.

The changing area Kino Sento Phahon Yothin 24 provides lockers, towels, yukata
The changing area provides lockers, towels, yukata

Kino Sento Phahon Yothin 24 Experience

The onsen area features a cold pool, hot pools, sauna, steam room, and Japanese-style seated and standing baths. The hot spring space is larger than the older Kino Sento Ekkamai branch. However, i had to reach the airport by 5 PM, they could only visit from 1 PM to 4:30 PM on a weekday, when fewer people were expected. Surprisingly, there were around 10-20 people present, mostly local people in their 30s and 40s, not particularly fit. After about an hour, i noticed a young man in his 20s, around 180 cm tall, who carry a large tool, and we proceeded to the 5th-floor tatami room for a private encounter.

the 5th-floor tatami room of Kino Sento Phahon Yothin 24
the 5th-floor tatami room

Private Spaces for Extended Stays

The 5th floor offers tatami rooms, a lounge area with sofas, a relaxation room with chaise lounges, and a living room-like public area with a TV. Customers can enjoy tea, milk, and free freshly brewed coffee in the dining area. The 6th floor is a café with private rooms with mattresses and elevated beds with pillows, convenient for overnight stays. Overall, Kino Sento Phahon Yothin 24 is commendable for its cleanliness and quality of facilities, and it also provides entertainment options such as TV and video games.

Kino Sento Phahon Yothin 24 provided the elevated beds with pillowson 6 floor
elevated beds with pillows

Review of Kino Sento Phahon Yothin 24

The Phahon Yothin 24 branch stands out among other gay onsens in Bangkok due to its larger size, greater development opportunities, and a more pleasant atmosphere. It offers ample private spaces for longer stays and meaningful connections with fellow customers. Despite having a good turnout even on a weekday afternoon, a rarity in Bangkok, i noticed fewer instances of "outdoor activities" and "group interactions" during their visit. However, the situation could be different in the evenings. Review of Kino Sento Phahon Yothin 24.


Kino Sento Phahon Yothin 24 offers a comfortable hot spring environment with more development potential than other gay onsens, making it a suitable option for extended stays and a potential last stop before heading to the airport late at night. However, if you're looking for more opportunities for interactions, it's better to visit in the evenings after 9 PM when the peak hours are.

Environmental Index*****

Popularity Index****

Customer Quality Index***

Action Index***

  • Admission fee: THB 450

  • Address: Phahon Yothin Rd, Chatuchak, Khet Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand

  • Opening Hour: Monday-Sunday 12:00-06:00

  • Phone: +66 92 280 5251

  • Website:

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